Interview with Gothic Model: Gaelira Gwaelon .

She is amazing alternative/goth model. She is one of the hottest models of the alternative scene, with the body that can stop the storm!

She likes to express different styles and makes that every style tells a different story. From the Victorian style, fantasy, medieval, romantic to modern Goth and everyday casual style, every story that she tells and expresses her feelings is such a beauty that leaves you breathless.

1.What’s your background in gothic modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour? The money? Pure kicks?

For the past 4 years I have been promoting many lovely models on my fb page Gothic Culture and I have finally decided that this year I will do more for myself, so I have awaken my second love-modeling and that is how Gaelira Gwaelon – the alternative/gothic model was born. I started with modeling because I love the feeling when I’m front of the camera, posing and presenting brands that I wear at the moment, so it’s just because of personal pleasure.

2.Who are some of your favorite gothic models and designers, and why?


Well, to be honest, there are a lot of great models and designers, but I will mention one girl who is my role model and my very good friend: Kali Noir Diamond. She is so amazing and kind and when I saw the connection that she has with her fans I was blown away by kindness and love. She helped me a lot with her tips and fashion/make up advices and I could never thank her enough.
Among all those amazing brands I will say that my very favorites are: True Corset, Spin Doctor Clothing, Restyle, Jawbreaker, Killstar, Punkrave, Phaze-clothing, Sinister… Their style and designs are breathtaking!

 3.Which gothic fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most often?

Since I am journalist for Gothic and Amazing I often check their website and social media, also I visit Gothic Beauty Magazine – all their social media accounts, I read most blogs on Althemy community and check catalogues of those brands I mentioned before including the one and greatest “The Gothic Shop”, also “Gothic Heaven”.

4.What’s your gothic fashion mantra?

How to be a goth model

I love to look unique, even when I wear something causal and everyday clothes. I always have something different from anyone, whether that is something about make up or jewelry, or hairstyle, I simply love to be different and “on my own” J

5.How would you describe your style? Consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more.

My style depends of my mood. For example: sometimes I feel romantic and “girly” and then I wear a dress combined with lovely jewelry and make up and sometimes I just feel like wearing jeans, T-shirt, I let my hair down, put minimum of make-up and I’m good to go!

6.Do you have any other experience in the gothic fashion industry (writing, photography, marketing, etc.)?

As I mentioned before I write for Gothic and Amazing community and will soon contribute my writing to another magazine, but I will talk about that very soon J

I love taking photos as much as posing, but I am just an amateur in that field.

7.What is fun and rewarding about gothic modeling?

How to be a goth model


Meeting new people, talking to brands, arranging photoshoots, making plans about the perfect outfit, hair, make up… being excited about growing your page and being featured in some great magazine or FB page dedicated to models.

8.What do you dislike about gothic modeling?

Definitely I would say rude and bad people. There is a lot of mean girls who will sabotage your work and write angry statuses about other models even though nothing that is written is not even near the truth….

Other thing is “All about the likes!” many brands will choose a model because of the number of fans on the page, but not because of the professionality and quality of someone’s work.

Third thing that I dislike about Gothic Culture in general are there so called “Selfie models”, girls with over 15k likes on the pages all thanks to taking selfies every day and posting it on the page and what makes me sad and angry is the fact that they are getting more attention that professional models who are active for many years and they work so hard to present and promote every brand and piece of jewelry more than perfect. That is the irony of the Goth world these days.

9.What advice do you have for other aspiring models?

Be strong and express your beauty the way you want. Listen to the people who love you and support your work and just be you!

10.How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?

How to be a goth model

Usually I combine the colors of clothes with some jewelry and the make up in same shades. I am often inspired by the music when I choose what to wear on the next session.

11.How would you describe working with the photographer?

It’s a lot of fun for me, cause, so far, I worked with the photographers who I trust and their experience in their work showed me how professional they are.  I love when photographers age giving me advices for posing and then we create magic.

12.Who are some of your favorite gothic fashion photographers?

I have a lot of them, but I will mention few: John Wolfrik, Vanic Photography, Dusan Knezevic, Annie Bertram, Marie Pracnova Photography, Stolen Innocence Photography, Silver Wolfie Photography… and many more J


13.What are some of the main differences between gothic and others modeling?

How to be a goth model

Everyone can be a model with enough will and strength to take a step and start from the beginning. There is no “chart” with sizes for alternative/gothic modeling like in fashion industry. No one is too skinny of too chubby, or too short. Everyone can let their feeling lead them into creating unique style that will be well known one day.

14.Tell us about yourself: Why do you want to work as a gothic model? Why are you interested in this career? What led you to apply for this job?

Being an alternative/gothic model is not a job, so I didn’t apply anywhere for it. It’s just something I do because it makes me feel so great and happy. There are few great models who are alternative divas and their job is just modeling, but when you see their photos you know why are they more than amazing. I have a daily job and “normal” life, but modeling is just something that I’m doing for myself and makes me feel so good J

15.What are your goals as a Goth model? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

My goal is to build unique style, to present myself as I am and as I always do, to work with my favorite brands and to have more and more photoshoots. I started few months ago and I’m happy to see that my page is growing, I am arranging a lot of collaborations, so I can proudly sign the brands I wear and promote on my photos.

16.How do you communicate with people? Are you patient? Are you friendly?

As I mentioned, I am co-owner of Gothic Culture, FB page with over 132k fans, so I learned how to talk to models, photographers, to cherish and credit their work, I met a lot of amazing people during the past 5 years, but I have to say that there’s been few rude and very annoying people but I can deal with that easily 😉

I tend to be always polite and friendly, to help models and photographer with promoting their amazing work, but when someone attacks me with rudeness, I can fire back!

17.What would you like to leave as a message to your faithful fans, followers and our precious readers?

Be yourself, do what makes you feel alive, smile as much as you can and thank you for all your love and support. I specially want to thank you for this interview, it was such a pleasure for me J

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