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This creative story started in 2007. under the brand name “Holy woman’s Treasure Chest”, and after wonderful journey filled with many fashion shows, collaborations and projects, in 2016. Brand has been reborn under name “Nomen”!
Gothic Jewelry Store
So, what can Nomen offer to you?

We are designing and making various types and styles of jewelry, accessory, details for costumes:
custom bridal & special occasion accessory, accessory for cosplayers and performance artists.
Since 2007. every single piece that was made is unique– and it is not possible to order the same design twice. Every design is exclusive and just yours!
Gothic Jewelry Store
Nomen has collaborated with many fashion designers, goldsmiths, bands, cosplayers, dance troupes, actors, models.
Our designer is college graduate in jewelry & accessory design, and she is writing lovely texts on various interesting themes about jewelry on our blog: so make sure you check it out!
Gothic Jewelry Store


To see more of our work, order our designs, or contact us for collaboration, please connect with us on our official profiles:

Gothic Jewelry Store

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