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The Universe of Gothic Jewelry Shop Majjsan is a one-woman army against boredom and over cuteness. I provide jewelry for the daring, curious people who likes horror, magic and the obscure. Some humor is actually also required.

At The Universe of Majjsan you find unique gadgets manufactured with the greatest joy. Inspiration comes from communication with the macabre, history, magic, the cosmos and its inhabitants. Elvish creatures, wind, woods and dreams.

Gothic Jewelry Shop

I’ve always been creative in one way or another. As a child and teenager, I wrote fantasy stories and poetry, but it changed into sewing and further on to sculptures and jewelry making. People around me started to really like what I did so I explored selling at local fairs. There was a lot of interest in my creative work so one thing lead to another and in 2014 I started the company. It is extremely important for me to keep on being creative even if the form may vary. I make the pieces that I can’t find somewhere else and the inspiration from magic, fantasy and horror always keep my work together.

I am inspired by horror and life and death. Lately, I’ve found myself really fascinated by mummies and the process of mummification. I have learned a lot about the process and I have mummified small bird hearts and squids. I’ve used a combination of old and modern techniques and the result is definitely something extraordinary and not for the easily scared. I use plenty of herbs that has traditionally been used in the Egyptian and the Japanese mummification processes. It adds something extra to the finished piece of jewelry when the historical part is added as well.

In the creative process everything from dried squids, moss, animal bones, flea market findings, family heirlooms, gears and parts of plants is used. Fantasy is a guiding principle, and there is a purpose that the jewelry should inspire the viewer to think, twist and turn the everyday reality.

Gothic Jewelry Shop

I also enjoy making sculptures. The inspiration comes from voodoo dolls, mummies, and shrunken heads. So there is a lot of creepy inspiration here as well. But I think that is important that not everything around us need to be cute and neat all the time. In my opinion, we need all aspects of life. I think accepting them all makes us more happy as people.

It is really a lot of fun making sculptures and to see the clay come to life underneath my fingers. All sculptures get their own personality and special look. So they take quite some time to make.

Gothic Jewelry Shop

I find the idea of wearing art very appealing. A small sculpture can be a part of you entire outfit is such a nice feeling. A good piece of jewelry is like an additional friend for me.

I have a webshop where I sell my Gothic jewelry, but mostly I sell at fairs and festivals. I tour Sweden and also visit the Netherlands and Germany. It is so rewarding to see a piece that I’ve made find it’s new beautiful owner.





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