Creepy Halloween Decoration Ideas : AtmosFEARfx Ghostly Apparitions Digital Decorations Kit .

Halloween is one of those occasions that truly draws out the tinker in a great deal of nerds; there’s a veritable rundown of things to send, alter, and improve for turning into the spookiest house in the neighborhood and arranging the best party. There are various creepy halloween decoration ideas to choose from. The right bit of innovation like creepy halloween decorations,  halloween lights, halloween animated props & haunted house props can include a considerable measure of spooky environment to any Halloween, whether you’re arranging a major gathering or simply getting prepared for a crowd of trick or treaters. Follow on, as we highlight how effortlessly you can transform a digital projector into a Swiss Army blade of cool halloween ideas or tricks.

Creepy Halloween Decoration Ideas


Which digital projector set up should I use & why should I use it?

Many projectors loan themselves to unique halloween decorations since they’re so adaptable as far as what can be shown. Not at all like TVs, you can without much difficulty of project an anticipated picture up or down from the measure of a little TV to 300+ inches over projector screens. You can extend onto things, through things, onto mist, into spheres and odd shapes, down over the ground, up over your home, halloween indoor decorations and in all ways that are unreasonable or difficult to accomplish with a TV screen.

AtmosFEARfx have made one of the coolest & best halloween props for the occasion I’ve seen: Why not utilize a video projector to put a frightful, vivified computerized scene right in your home’s front window? It’s all very simple to set up. To start with, pick the AtmosFEARfx video that you’d like to highlight. There are ten diverse DVD video offerings to browse with a wide range of themes, but the one theme we liked the most was the AtmosFear FX Ghostly Apparitions & Bone Chillers Special. DVD’s Plus LED Virtual Projector & Rear Projection Screen w/ Mounting Hardware for Virtual Halloween Window Projection Movies. This set actually comes with a projector so you won’t have to buy one separately.

Creepy Halloween Decoration Ideas


Things that are included in this bundle are:

  • AtmosFearFX Ghostly Apparitions & Bone Chillers DVD
  • 4′ x 6′ AtmosFear Rear Projection Screen
  • 1800 ANSI Lumen LED Projector with Tripod


How to set up the AtmosFEARfx projector system

Set up is very easy to do. Essentially hang the Rear Projection Screen in your window, put the virtual DVD in your DVD player, plug in the projector, face projector 6-8 six feet from your window, concentrate, then watch from outside as you see Ghosts or Skeletons meandering around in your home! The children go insane over this spooky halloween beautification. Utilize the Virtual projector to show the horrendous AtmosFEARfx video effects and transform any environment or surface into an exciting, frequented experience. Change any environment into a spooky house with this ghoulish event of spooky apparitions. The DVD can be set to automatically loop.

 Creepy Halloween Decoration Ideas

Video projection quality & overall performance

We were enjoyably amazed at the execution of the projector. It’s not a film theater quality picture, but rather it’s all that could possibly be needed to create the multi-dimensional image/window FXs for Halloween. You should kill your inside/outside lights for the best quality picture, and I suggest getting the dark AtmosfearFX projection material (5′ x 9′) on the off chance that you can. It delivers a keener picture than the white material incorporated into this bundle. It’s less observable in the daytime, and you can see through it for a more practical 3D image effect. The white is alright on the off chance that you are utilizing the Window or Shadow choices; however it doesn’t work so awesome for the Hologram choice.



  • Setup is easy.
  • It can be projected onto any object or surface of any shape.
  • Transforms any environment into a haunted house with this ghoulish gathering of spooky spectres.


  • No DVD player is included in the bundle.
  • We used it outdoor and it doesn’t reflect very well in that environment.

 Creepy Halloween Decoration Ideas






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Final thoughts

Accomplishment in setting up a wall projection is much the same as achievement in setting up a home theater: you need low light close to the projection surface and a white or shading unbiased and design free surface to extend on. You don’t have to keep it faint close to the real projector, be that as it may, so don’t hesitate to conceal the projector in a moderately lit bright zone of your Halloween event and venture into a shadowy corner.

Halloween is practically upon us; on the off chance that you have an astute designing trick that includes a touch of innovation and spooky embellishments look no further than the AtmosFear FX Ghostly Apparitions & Bone Chillers Special as one of the best creepy halloween decoration ideas.

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